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Agar.io the game

Agar.io is currently one of the most downloaded games on AppStore & Play Store, basically your goal on Agar is to get as big as possible without getting eaten by bigger dots as you. You have to be really smart to get bigger and bigger and bigger … At the beginning of the game you might think the game is very hard, but each time you get bigger you’ll notice it’ll get easier, although don’t forget to still pay attention to the game because you can still get split by green chainsaws!

Hack for Agar.io

I’m proud to say that we currently have one of the best hacks on the internet, with a lot of options and tricks. With our JavaScript hack for Agar.io your chance of dieing is close to 0%, with the invisibility hack on it’s 0%! You can still get split by the green chainsaws though, so watch out. Our hack for Agar.io will help you get bigger and bigger, it’ll automatically find the shortest path to eat the dots and it also makes sure you don’t get eaten by others. Feel free to download the hack, it’ll definetely make you statisfied!

(inside the downloaded .rar file I included a .txt file for instructions.)