BoostBot CRACKED – (BoostBot 8.0 BETA 6) FREE VIP!

BoostBot Cracked VIP Beta 6

BoostBot Cracked VIP

Always wanted to use the BoostBot VIP features but don’t feel like spending money on it? Than this is your time to shine, below you can download the cracked VIP BoostBot client for free! Of course this is the latest version (BoostBot 8.0 BETA 6). I’ll make sure the version stays up to date.

Download BoostBot Cracked for FREE!

You can download the client by clicking on the button below:

Download BoostBot Cracked
(Click here if the download link doesn’t work)

Current Features of BoostBot VIP Cracked

Collect Resources
Re-arm Traps, X-Bows, and Inferno’s
Quick Train
Search Requirements
Requirements Reduction
Attacking Live and Dead Bases [Four Finger Deploy Only]
Special Troop Deployment
Surrender early or if all loot has been looted

BoostBot 8.0 Beta 6 changes

Improved deadbase detection
Minor bug fixes and improvements

Previous Changes

Added detection and handling for star bonus.
Fixed returning home after attack complete.
Improved dialog handling.
Fixed minion deployment.
Other minor improvements.