[Cracked] BoostBot (ClashBot) 7.16.3 Full VIP [Rev. 2368]


BoostBot 7.16.3 Cracked/Nulled FULL VIP Version!

Recently BoostBot has updated to 7.16.3, this version contains a lot of bugfixes.
We managed to crack the program already, all you have to do is fill in a random username in the login box and start botting. You can download the bot by clicking on the button below!

Features of BoostBot 7.16.3

Recent Releases
Brand new feature(s) in 7.16.3:
Works with Newest Clash of Clans Update
Loot Cart Support – We have implemented Loot Cart Support to go with the newest update. This loot is collected and put into your Clan Castle treasury.
Maintain Trophy Range – Trophy range management has been revamped. The Trophy Range feature drops trophies to X trophies once Y trophies are met. You can configure this on the Misc. tab. Trophy dropping is also much more effective.
Release 7.16.3 BETA Contains:
Loot Cart Support
Maintain Trophy Range
Custom Troops now reads troop levels!
Custom Troops only looks at active structures. Results in faster training times
Change to Attack Strategy selection for future update – Please only select one strategy for now.
One-side deploy now uses clan castle troops
Custom Troops now Pre-Trains troops
Increased PB waiting time
New way to trigger Warden Ability

Bug Fixes/Improvements for 7.16.3 BETA
Fixed many changes caused by latest update
Fixed custom troops reset
Fixed bot not detecting Btn_Attack
Fixed OnlineTooLong and ExtractSubRect exception
Fixed known custom troops bugs
Fixed reading troop levels
Improved Button Definitions
Improved TH Definitions
Improved attaching to new BlueStacks process
Improved saving and loading settings