Xbox One Jailbreak Hack – No Jtag required, just an USB! [FREE 2016]

Xbox One Jailbreak

Xbox One jailbreak with an USB

It took us way longer than expected, but finally after months of coding we’re finally releasing our Xbox One USB jailbreak. Watch out though, you might think it’s easy to do because it has the word USB in .. you’re totally right, even a 8 year old kid could do it. 🙂

Requirements to jailbreak your Xbox One

There are a few requirements, nothing special though I’m sure everyone has it:

  • Xbox One (Also works on S)
  • USB (Should at least have 500mb free space)

Time to jailbreak

Download the required files: First of all you have to download the jailbreak file, there are 2 different files one for the regular Xbox One and also one for the Xbox One S. BOTH files are in the folder, you need to have Winrar on your PC to open the file. Download the jailbreak by clicking on the button below.

All you have to do now is follow these instructions:

  • Extract the downloaded folder with the .pup file to your USB, make sure to use the right folder.
  • Plug the USB into your console and click on System, it will automatically ask you to update your Xbox One when you have the file on your USB. Your Xbox One might have to restart a few times.
  • You should now be able to see everything worked, enjoy the jailbreak features. You can host your own xp/challenge lobbies now!